A Leadbeater Transport has 4 warehouses covering over 70,000 sq ft meaning we're able to store over 7,500 of palletised goods. We can offer bulk storage or racking capability, our experience in goods ranges from stock for the high street giants to niche businesses who want a service delivering.

Our storage facilities are available on short notice and we can provide quick turnaround – same day if necessary. We regularly encounter a wide range of customer specific requests, all of which can be handled with great care and able to fit all situations.

We are an ambient storage facility base located less that an hour from many distribution sites, going hand in hand with national distribution links. We can accommodate any volume of pallets as well as collection/delivery times and dates.

Warehousing and Storage

Our storage facility is excellently organised by a hardworking, dedicated and committed close knit team. All data recording is via some of the latest barcode scanning technologies, which means we have quick access to your latest stock reports, full stock tracking from receipt to despatch, this is all tracked by your product code. Historical stock data, which can aid your month end recording. All of this comes at no extra cost, we welcome any customer specific requests, of which we currently operate customer specific requirements, these of course are tailored to you. We have a very capable onsite team who deal with all warehousing and storage, of whom are all licensed and experienced. We also have an on-call ability which can be offered if needed.

Warehousing and Storage

We take an approach to discuss through all your storage and warehousing needs to offer you the best service you require, whether this be price specific or if the service and customer care is what you need.